300 Years of Wedding Dresses

‘The Wedding Dress : 300 Years of Bridal Fashions’ a book that follows the exhibition at Victoria & Albert museum in London , published by documentarian of textiles of the museum , Edwina Ehrman, explores the history, traditions and legends that hide behind the wedding dresses, following the line of its evolution .

Few dresses are chosen as carefully as the bride, but … when it all started? When it was established that it had to be white? This bridal fashion began three centuries ago, and extended thanks to the genius of designers such as Charles Frederick Worth, Charles James, Galliano, Lacroix and Vera Wang, whose creations are on the pages of ‘The Wedding Dress: 300 years of Bridal Fashions’ .
‘ From the romance of its evolution to the splendor of its design, the wedding dress is unlike any other garment, a talisman from a fantasy world, the manifestation of dreams coming true. This book draws on wedding garments in the V&A’s renowned collection along with photographs, letters, memoirs, and newspaper accounts to explore the history of the white wedding dress and the traditions that have developed around it from 1700 to today, when designers from Vera Wang to Vivienne Westwood continue to challenge the aesthetic. Paintings, drawings, and wedding photos depict queens, princesses, celebrities, and everyday women—including Kate Middleton—in their gowns. ‘ (Abrams).

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