New : Jill stuart Crystal Black Fall 2014

Jill Stuart Crystal Black Fall 2014

Jill Stuart Crystal Black Fall 2014

The Jill Stuart Crystal Black Fall 2104 collection is filed with the mysterious touch of jewelry. The cosmetics of the new collection are closed in a beautiful package that remembers of antique jewelry, chic and feminine. Every case features a black Swarovski crystal.

The collection includes two a limited 4 eyeshadow palettes of different shades of gold, peach with a touch of black and green great for the night and party scenes.

Lipstick are available in pink, peach and nude shades, classic tones in the Jill Stuart makeup collection. The new formula includes oil and collagen to prevent drying and to finish a light pink lipgloss for more shine and moisture. Swarovski crystals embellish the little cases for a classic atmosphere.

In addition, the Art Blush is available in a sweet and delicate baby pink/beige and nude/soft orange that highlight your cheeks with a light smooth feel creating a three-dimensional impression.

The Crystal Black Fall 2104 will be available in selected stores from August 2014.

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