FACIAL CARE: how to treat your skin during summer

Taking care of the facial skin is surely the most important beauty activity of a woman and its ‘weight’ increases even more with the reach of the hot season: in fact heat , sun, salt, sweat, air conditioner and many other factors attack our face in the summer so our attention span must be higher.

The keyword is, of course hydration which is essential to ensure softness and firmness. Hydration in fact allows our skin to maintain a youthful appearance also preventing the appearance of small (or deep) wrinkles. For this purpose, it is crucial to apply a cream that has a high sun protection factor, which will also prevent the occurrence of unesthetic dark spots. Another key step is to clean: especially on the way back from the sea is essential to remove sebum.oils,cream and salt from your face carefully with cleansing milk and if necessary you can repeat until the skin is perfectly clean.

Caring of our face, however, must also be done from the inside: avoid eating fatty foods and chose fruits and vegetables but, above all, drink as much as possible, a minimum of two liters of water per day to keep your skin glowing and hydrated . Finally, pay attention to the makeup: avoid liquid foundation that contains oil and let the skin breathe as much as possible, preferring a light make-up.

By following these few simple tips your face will not be affected absolutely by the summer season and you will enjoy a relaxing and well-deserved holiday!

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