Veruschka : From Vera to Veruschka , the birth of an icon

Veruschka : From Vera to Veruschka

Veruschka : From Vera to Veruschka

It was by pure luck that the fashion photographer Johnny Moncada has rediscovered an old archive remained abandoned with tens of thousands of unpublished shots. These include a series of photo shoots starring a very young Gottliebe Anna Vera von Lehndorff – Steinort who, a few years later , would become the icon Veruschka .
This incredible testimony about the birth of the myth of the 60s is now enclosed in Veruschka : From Vera to Veruschka , a volume published by Rizzoli New York, which encloses a selection of the best shots of Moncada , including images from the archive found and others that appeared in Harper’s Bazaar UK , between 1963 and ’64 .
A number of interesting examples on fashion and glamour of ‘dolce vita,’ a key moment that saw the birth of some big names in couture. In Moncada’s shots you can see the models wearing creations by Antonelli , Irene Galitzine , Tricò , Frederick Forquet , Valentino and a newcomer Lancetti.
The book, edited by the daughter of the photographer , art historian and curator Valentina Moncada and with the layout of Antonio Monfreda , is enriched with the introduction by Franca Sozzani , Hamish Bowles and Massimo Di Forti as well as the words of the same Verushka.

A great opportunity to discover the birth of an icon that signed a place in fashion’s history.

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