With Matthew Koma singing the lyrics, “I like us better when we’re wasted,” the standard EDM video (see: thousands of people fist pumping while the DJ sprays champagne in sped up and slowed down shots) gets a 1950s-inspired makeover. “Wasted” is a classic housewives’ tea party gone wild. Retro styling mesh with “T” for Tiesto cheerleading outfits of the era that reference his own Club Life clothing line, and (obviously) all the clothes start coming off during the course of the video when the girls start getting “wasted.” Tiesto plays the heart throb TV host, looking dapper in his suit and gelled hair, which, IMO is a great look for him. I first heard “Wasted,” featuring Matthew Koma, live at Ultra Music Festival in Miami this year, and I have to say it was quite a change of pace in the thumping house set. The song is clearly pop-influenced and is a great follow up to his first single “Red Lights” off his latest album A Town Called Paradise, which will be released June 16th by Casablanca Records. The song and video are definitely a new direction for the dance music legend determined to further bring EDM into the mainstream.

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