April 14th, 2014. Robyn may have been fronting when she recently told us she hasn’t been up to much lately. Following her collaboration with fellow star-Swede Neneh Cherry, she and Norwegian powerduo Röyksopp announced the release of Do It Again, a collaborative mini album today. It will be available on Cherrytree Records/Interscope May 26th. “Do It Again” is the first single and will be available April 28th digitally, and a new Röyksopp album will be released later this year. Robyn and Röyksopp will tour together this summer in Spain at the Sonar Festival on June 13th and in the US (Hollywood Bowl in L.A. June 29th and Pier 97 in NYC August 20th). Watch the “Do It Again” tour trailer above, after the clip from “Monument,” the mini-album’s first track.

Not surprisingly, this isn’t the first time these legends of experimental pop have come together. Robyn worked on “The Girl and the Robot,” from Röyksopp’s Junior album in 2009 and, Röyksopp worked on “None Of Dem,” from Robyn’s Body Talk Pt. 1 in 2010.

Says Röyksopp of Do It Again, “This 5 track mini-album is the accumulation and embodiment of the synergy between Robyn and ourselves. We’ve intended this to be a diverse yet cohesive and thought through musical venture; it’s meant to be an expression where pop and art reign side by side…. This doesn’t sound like Röyksopp featuring Robyn or Robyn produced by Röyksopp, it’s just something else entirely… The word ‘collaboration’ has never before been more justified in the world of music!”

Says Robyn, “Svein and Torbjörn and I started working on new music in the beginning of 2013, I´ve been going back and forth to Bergen to record and write with the boys up until recently. Collaborating with S. and T. is something I enjoy very much. In the beginning we just knew we wanted to do something together and then it started to feel more like a band thing than songs for a Röyksopp or Robyn album so we´re releasing this music together as a band, you could say.”

1. Monument
2. Sayit
3. Do It Again
4. Every Little Thing
5. Inside The Idle Hour Club

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