Chantal Thomass for Coca-Cola Light

After Karl Lagerfeld, Jean -Paul Gaultier and Marc Jacobs , Coca -Cola Light France extends its list of collaborations with lingerie fashion designer Chantal Thomass .

The launch in the french stores of the can designed by Thomass coincide with Valentine’s Day 2014 being perfectly suited for the love season.In support an ad campaign signed by Ellen Von Unwerth .
The shooting took place in the middle of a dusty pink decor , one of the fetishes colors of Chantal Thomass . With her jet black hair , her lips painted in a strong red lipstick and dress exclusively black and white, Chantal Thomass is easily recognizable .
The can is decorated with all the components that make up the DNA of the lingerie brand: silver background decorated with delicate touches of lace. And , to seduce, not just the fashionistas but also lovers, you can also see a large heart formed by a loop of black satin finishes also linking to the logo of Coca -Cola Light .To complete the line ,an aluminum bottle designed by Chantal Thomass will hit the stores in April 2014.

The Wolkoff and Arnodin agency was responsible for the artistic direction . Its director Guillaume Verluca has worked side by side with Chantal Thomass at all stages of the creation of this limited edition.

“I feel very honored that I have commissioned art director for Coca -Cola Light for Spring 2014. I can think of no better way to celebrate the codes of feminine glamor and sensuality present in my designs corsetry and lingerie, than with this iconic drink “ Chantal Thomass has commented in a press release .

Chantal Thomass for Coca-Cola Light

Chantal Thomass for Coca-Cola Light

Chantal Thomass for Coca-Cola Light by Ellen Von Unwerth

Chantal Thomass for Coca-Cola Light by Ellen Von Unwerth

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